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Faithful readers of my blog will remember when I was branded a zealot by 180solutions. (Actually, I found out later that the 180 fellow who said this may not have meant me directly, but the words were in immortalized in print.  And what the heck: I admit to rather liking the title.)

Now, Wendy Seltzer (a fellow with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School) brings up the “zealots” word, in a blog supportive of the new project (a project operated by the Berkman Center and the Oxford Internet Institute).

…I still dislike anti-spyware zealotry, but I’ve come to see that the higher-order consequences of spyware — the tactics of its opponents and the reactions of users who are plagued by it — are also problematic. A measured approach to malware can help avert those problems without distorting the law around it. That’s why I’m encouraged by the Berkman Center’s new Stop Badware project:

Link here.  

Alex Eckelberry
(Btw — her blog seems hopelessly broken.  Trackbacks and comments didn’t work when I tried them.  You can email her directly if you like.)