Select Page is a one-to-one anonymous chat service that continues to grow in popularity. While you can find numerous tales of non malicious AI botschatting” with Omegle users, here we have an example of how that same concept can be applied in a rather more malicious fashion.

From around January of this year, a number of individuals on various forums have been creating Omegle Chat Spreader tools. These programs have been specifically designed to send malicious URLs to Omegle users in chat sessions with what they believe to be a real person.

As you can see from the screenshot:

Omegle 1

…there are numerous options where your spam messages are concerned – along with the intended infection URL, you can use the default messages that appear on entering, during and leaving the conversation:
“Download this sliedshow of me f*****g my self”
“check out this sexy pic of me”
“enjoy the slide show byee”

…or you can add up to six custom messages of your own, and (cleverly) also watch the spambot in real time via the browser window on the right. If you think your spambot isn’t performing well, you can adjust performance on the fly, either by altering the messages or the timing of the messages to make your bot look more like a real person. In the above screenshot, you can see how the tool combines your name and age as a chat message to the victim.

In this next screenshot, you can see it sending whatever infection link the attacker has placed in the “Download URL” box, complete with interaction from the victim (in red):

Omegle 2

The program has been designed as a “fire and forget” package, which means the attacker can simply set it up and leave it running on their PC. Does it get victims?

You bet. A random shot from a hacking forum – there are many more like this:

Omegle 3

“I went to the shop and when I returned I had at least five to ten people”?

Oh dear. Be careful what you click on in Omegle land, as this type of package is sure to become more popular as the weeks pass by.

Chris Boyd (PaperGhost)