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David Eastbrook at Hurricane Digital Media now has a blog dedicated to Orion Holtby.   I got this link from a post at Vitalsecurity.

(For those of you unfamiliar with Orion, it’s a long tale of a man alleged to be a fraudster in the online advertising community.  Wayne Porter at revenews has covered the tale extensively.)

From David Eastbrook’s blog:

Our mission is simple when it comes to fighting this crap. It is based on three principles:

  1. Naturally,self-interest – he stole $54,000 from us. Big mistake.

“Never forget, never forgive,
never let go.”

Screw us over, and we will hound your ass relentlessly.

  1. Prevent it from happening again. You won’t even be tempted.

“Slap me in the head, and I’ll
break your jaw.”

You sure won’t slap me in the head again without thinking it
over very carefully. I learned that playing hockey for many years against a lot of very unsportsmanlike fellows.

  1. Be
    prepared, willing, and ready to fight for yourself.

“Vengeance is mine. Period.”

Alex Eckelberry