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Facebook is a strange place to be for Bin Laden. It seems you’re fated to be alive and dead at the same time, thriving like a kind of Schrodinger’s terrorist in an effort to generate affiliate cash for people who should really know better.

This time around, he’s alive and would like nothing better than for you to visit profilespyx(dot)com and fill in a survey.

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If you don’t want to fill in a survey, you can roll with the “Pay with a tweet” button, which lets you see the content in return for using the button to post a link on Twitter.

Whether you do that or “Get your Gucci on”, you’ll be directed to the content you’ve been waiting for. And by “content you’ve been waiting for”, I mean “random Youtube video from 2009”.

I guess Osama IS still alive, assuming you pretend you’re living two years ago – otherwise you’re probably going to be rather disappointed by this whole affair. The closing advice for this one is the same advice that could go at the end of all similar Facebook scams: “Don’t bother”.

Christopher Boyd