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Our Sunbelt Sales Director Debbie Graves alerted us to a great blog piece about the state of computer security from It falls firmly into the “glass half full” camp (by a toe length, anyway.) It’s a great read.

The blogger, “Rich” raises an interesting point about organizations hiding the real cost of losses.

He also is a master of the long, breathless and funny sentence. Example:

“If the industry was failing that badly all our bank accounts would be empty, we’d be running on generators, our kids would all be institutionalized due to excessive exposure to porn, email would be dead, and all our Amazon orders would be rerouted to Liberia… but would never show up because of all the falling planes crashing into sinking cargo ships.”

And his point…

“Security, and security professionals, aren’t failing. We lose some battles and win others, and life goes on. At some point the world feels enough pain and we get more resources to respond. Then we reduce that pain to an acceptable level, and we’re forgotten again.

“That said, I do think life will be more interesting once losses aren’t hidden within the system (and I mean inside all kinds of businesses, not just the financial world). Once we can tie data loss to pain, perhaps priorities will shift. But that’s for another post…”

Blog piece here:

Thanks Debbie, thanks Rich at

Tom Kelchner