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H-online is quoting an Adobe spokesman as saying the company is considering moving from a 90-day patch schedule for Adobe Reader to a 30-day schedule that would coincide with Microsoft’s monthly “Patch Tuesday” routine.

Brad Arkin, Adobe’s Director of Product Security and Privacy, said Flash and Shockwave could be brought into the monthly schedule in addition to Reader. The company has been issuing updates as needed for Flash and Shockwave.

H-online said: “Arkin has told The H’s associates at heise Security that a monthly cycle is one of the alternatives currently under discussion. He adds that, in emergencies, Adobe is also now in a position to develop patches within 15 days and to release them outside of the regular patch cycle. This compares with the 80 days Arkin’s team needed to develop a patch for the JBIG2 vulnerability in spring 2009.”

Story here: “Adobe considers shorter update cycles”

Tom Kelchner