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The most vexing spyware strains are Cool Web Search and VX2/Transponder.  These are the types of spyware that kill machines.

For a while now, Patrick Jordan (known in the antispyware community as WebHelper), has been helping us with removing these types of spyware.  I would venture that he’s one of the top 3 people in the world when in comes to these nasties.

We finally convinced him to join us, and he is now on staff as a senior researcher.

What’s fascinating is talking to this guy. He is a walking encylopedia on spyware.  Ask him something like: “So who was behind this strain of such and such”, and prepare yourself for a 30 minute detailed run-down of all the players involved and the details of the payload.

Anyway, Sunbelt PR’s official statement here.


Alex Eckelberry