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Sunbelt Senior Researcher Patrick Jordan, who runs a popular antispyware website called, has had his website a DDoS attack.  It’s from a trojan from Dollar!

As of June 16, 2006, I have been under a DDos attack from a trojan installer that began using which was called from one of the Russian VladZone gangs sites and which with my current hosting company, I cannot block the attacks which in 3 days went over 125 Gig in bandwidth usage of my alloted 200Gig per month.  They are putting url addressess to free web pages designed to load my sites pages as if they were images and with the use of a trojan from the VladZone and bundled in infestations, I cannot and will not put all my time into fighting groups that have been running since 2003 and authorities around the world have not been able to stop. 

 Suzi at Zdnet blogs on this as well.

Alex Eckelberry