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Just a little side humor, we’ve had a number of amusing emails from a malware author, Dark Omega.  Apparently, we’ve made grave errors in the classification of his product. 

It starts off with this (edited for clarity, as he’s using our web-based form to email us):

you got my website address wrong! it is http://www. uk not … you stupid people


i am only 15 and waz a bit drunk wen i sent the last message so soz 4 bein a bit of a tw*t, i created my trojan based on my schools remote admin tool.  nice to talk to you. if you want…more information on other security threats please email me…. p.s. you need a way of contacting you with out having to use the report virus form. 


one other thing… Dark-Avenged is a BackDoor!…u got it rong again

And finally:

actualy dark-avenged is classed as a RAT (Remote Administration Tool.) please change this….  i got it wrong last time! :S

Alex Eckelberry