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In a workplace etiquette-themed survey released by Randstad USA, a temp agency, they reported among the top pet peeves:

  • Condescending tones (44%)
  • Public reprimands (37%)
  • Micromanaging (34%)
  • Loud talkers (32%)
  • Cell phones ringing at work (30%)
  • Use of speakerphones in public areas (22%
  • Colleagues engaged in personal conversations in the workplace (11%)
  • The use of PDAs during meetings (9%)

Link here.  

Well, my two cents.  All of these are irritating to some degree to all of us.  I put cell phones and PDAs pretty high on my list of irritations, but it depends on the context.  For example, a while back we had a financial type come by the office for a briefing on our strategy.  Hours of careful planning were wasted as he constantly checked his Blackberry, nodding “uh huh, uh huh” as a weak indication that he was listening to our presentation. On the cell phone front, I had a friend who wanted to go out for a personal lunch.  He spent about 50% of the time on the cell phone (I’m not exaggerating), as I looked on, bored out of my mind.  When he asked me out to lunch again, I politely mentioned that I would — so long as he’d leave his cell phone back at the office.  He was surprised and hopefully got the message.

What are your workplace etiquette pet peeves? 

Alex Eckelberry