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I have no idea what a shiny Rayquaza is, but apparently they’re quite hard to obtain in certain Pokemon game titles. It seems hunting for Action Reply cheats to allow them in Pokemon HeartGold could pop some rogue AV on your desktop quicker than the time it takes Bill Cosby to say “Pokemon?! Pokemon with the Poke and the man and the thing with the guy comes out of the thing”.

Always wanted to quote that. Anyway: just a short heads up that looking for variations on the phrase “what’s the action replay code for a shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Heart Gold” (hey, it must mean something to somebody) could well lead you into a world of rogue AV like this:

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Some other searches to be wary of are those involving a “tron quorra tattoo”. If you don’t remember, Quorra is the one that looked a bit like Dora the Explorer. There’s a lot of links floating around like this:

All the sites we checked were currently offline, or displaying “bandwidth exceeded” messages. However, there could well be more of these and it’s unlikely they’ve all been derezzed so be careful.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks Wendy)