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I get a wee bit tired of seeing stuff like this.  Sloppy security practices lead to compromises and people get hurt. 

Phishers commonly compromise legitimate sites to hoist their scams from.  These are both examples that are live right now. 

Here’s one.


The IP number,, is for the UniNet Office of Information Technology Administration in Thailand (Whois).

Going up, we see it’s a simple webmail interface


All right, no big deal, right?  After all, it’s just a webmail interface, right? (Never mind the irony that it’s the Office of Information Technology Administration). 

Well let’s move on to Hanvision, a Korean video camera company.  This company, through its sloppy security practices, has allowed a Paypal phishing site free reign on its site.

Main page:


Phishing site:


This is absolutely no news to anyone in the security space.  But hopefully, it’s a reminder on basic web server security. Because if your website is insecure, you’re not only putting your company at risk, you’re putting others at risk as well.


Alex Eckelberry