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There’s a new trojan on the loose, undetected by almost all AV engines:  Pornmagpass, from pornmagpass(dot)com.


Install it as a “free” ticket to porn. After all, the FAQ says “It is 100% free. No catch.”

But… the EULA says:

SOFTWARE INSTALLATION: Components bundled with our software may report to Licensor and/or its affiliates the installation status of certain marketing offers, such as toolbars, and also generalized installation information, such as language preference and operating system version, to assist Licensor in its product development. No personal information will be communicated to PORNMAGPASS or its affiliates during this process. Licensor may change homepage on user’s computer and may offer additional components through our version of checking/update system. These components include: toolbar, popup ads manager, advertisements messenger, pc protection software, shortcuts manager.

Well, well.

Install it, and this trojan will install rogue security app SpywareQuake and adds a new IE Toolbar called “Safety Bar”


To mangle a common phrase, the pass to hell is littered with porn. In this case, PornMagPass.

And as a final note, yet another malware site hosted by Intercage, the Best Friend Ever of all malware authors. 


Alex Eckelberry
(And thanks to Sunbelt’s Adam Thomas for his work on this)