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It looks like we have yet another facebook profile tracker doing the rounds, this time called “Profile Watch” (how original).

Visiting any of the links currently being spammed results in websites such as the one below promising to tell you who keeps checking out your profile:

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As usual, it’s all total nonsense – they just want you to fill in surveys and generate some affiliate cash. If you want, you can install the related App and go spamming walls:

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Of course, it’s probably better if you don’t do that.

Some of the stats make for depressing viewing:

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164,431 clicks with the bulk coming from the UK and the US. Check out the day by day clicks, where this particular site is pulling in close to fifty thousand clicks per day from the 27th to the 29th of March. I wonder how many of those went ahead and filled in a survey?

I know there’s certainly a lot of people spamming walls with the promotional text (do a search for “WH0 CHECKS YOUR PR0FILE” on one of the many Facebook search engines and watch how many result come flying back at you). There’s a number of URLs involved, including 5d(dot)thehabsurs(dot)info, fbprofilespynow(dot)info and jilba1(dot)info.

Don’t bother going anywhere near this one.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Wendy and Matthew).