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You’ve locked down your computer. Nothing is going to bypass your privacy shielding programs. AdBlock is fully loaded, NoScript is ready to roll and RefControl is sending “Party on, Wayne” as your custom referrer to all and sundry.

However, you really want to hide your IP address too and decide to load up one of the many web-based proxy services available.

Something humorous I’ve noticed across many web-based proxies recently is that they’re jumping on a marketing strategy that might be slightly at odds with their attempts at privacy for the end-user. In order to keep your private details private, you have to fill in a survey and hand over a bunch of information to third party marketers.

Type in a URL, hit the “Go” button on the proxy and you’ll see one of these:

question time!
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fill this lot in, please
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One of the stranger marketing tactics I’ve seen…

Christopher Boyd