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Thought I’d share these numbers with you.

Client agent OS usage by CounterSpy Enterprise:

Windows XP 82.91%
Windows 2000 14.88%
Server 2003 1.83%
Vista build 6000 0.32%
Windows 98 0.03%
Windows NT 4 0.02%
Vista build 5744 0.00%
Vista build 5600 0.00%
Vista build 6001 0.00%
Windows ME 0.00%

This is a sampling of what operating system CounterSpy Enterprise agents deployed at customer sites report back. In this particular sampling, the bias will be toward small to medium business, and shows a very slow adoption of Vista in business environments.

Now, what our website sees:

Windows XP 83.90%
Vista 9.38%
Windows 2000 3.59%
Server 2003 1.62%
Windows 98 1.33%
Windows ME 0.14%
Windows NT 0.02%
Windows 95 0.02%

These are the operating system versions as reported by the browser to our main website. This would reflect a mix of more general usage — consumers and business.

I’d be curious to know what others are seeing out there as well.

Alex Eckelberry
Update: Panda gives their take here.