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Why would I update Firefox? I’m using Internet Explorer.

It’s easy to think of the Internet bad guys out there as all-knowing, all-seeing monsters. They aren’t. They screw up too. Here’s a good one. This is something you might get from a link that appears in search engine results as a result of search engine optomization poisoning. If you go to the malicious site with the Firefox browser you’ll see this:

(click on graphic to enlarge)

But, if you’re using Internet Explorer, you see the same thing!

(click on graphic to enlarge)
VIPRE tells you that the site is trying to download Exploit.PDF-JS.Gen (v). We’ve been detecting it for a while now.

(click on graphic to enlarge)
Ultimately, it’s trying to download the SecurityTool rogue or other types of malware!

Thanks Patrick.

Tom Kelchner