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So there’s a new RSS service to deliver video.

Here’s what CIBC recently today:

Yesterday, online video broadcaster ROO (not rated) announced it would commence distribution of its online video library via Media Really Simple Syndication (aka “RSS”).  This includes distributing over 5,000 titles to Yahoo’s “My Yahoo!” personal start page. Users will be able to simply add ROO’s RSS feeds directly from their My Yahoo! start page or by clicking on the “Add to My Yahoo!” button on Roo’s website. Roo offers its entire video library for free, employing an advertising model in which it runs 15- and 30- second commercials before displaying the actual video. While RSS has become the technology “du jour” for updating text content, this is the first instance we’ve seen video distribution via RSS. We note Microsoft announced last week that it is in the process of developing what it terms the “RSS for synchronization” or Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE). This new technology is expected to enable the bi-directional synchronization or update of data, which could be used by users to share and update calendars, contact lists and related services. (BR)

While you can get the RSS feeds through Yahoo, you can also see them here.

I’m honestly not sure what is so noteworthy about this new service.   So you get an RSS feed which links to a website that plays a video with an ad. 

At any rate, feel free to check it out.  Personally, I prefer text, as I’d rather do my usual practice of frenetically skimming my various RSS feeds after a jolt of coffee and then trying to get on with my day.

Alex Eckelberry