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Join SANS and Sunbelt Wednesday at 1PM ET:

The Spyware Threat Today
Featuring: Dave Shackleford, SANS Instructor and Greg Kras, VP Product Management, Sunbelt Software

Spyware is quickly becoming one of the most pervasive threats to organizations of all types. The majority of infections occur through basic Web browsing, and existing security controls are often not configured to detect spyware or prevent it from spreading. In addition to this, spyware can cause organizations to lose sensitive information, resulting in a number of compliance-related issues, as well. There are a number of steps that security staff can take to adopt a defense-in-depth strategy addressing spyware at both the system and network levels. This presentation will discuss the state of spyware today, how it infects systems, and network- and host-level methods of detection and prevention.

Managing Spyware with CounterSpy Enterprise
Spyware has become the new headache for IT. Systems become rapidly infected and system admins are often forced to physically go to the end-user and manually run spyware removal tools to get rid of these data threats. CounterSpy Enterprise is a policy-based, antispyware solution that provides a scalable, centrally managed solution that is capable of detecting and removing a broad range of adware, malware and other spyware from corporate networks. This brief overview will show how system admins can effectively manage spyware within their organizations using CounterSpy Enterprise.

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