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Resident Evil. Man, those films are terrible.

Frankly, I’m happy to end the writeup right there, but if I did you’d miss out on all the fun.

Resident Evil Afterlife is now in cinemas (unfortunately) and scammers are all too happy to cash in.

watchresidentevil4(dot)com is our port of call today:

Resident Fakeout
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Try to watch the film, and you’re prompted to install ClickPotato (from Pinball Corp).

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There’s also four other items preticked, which is nice of them.

Installing that lot gives you a prompt to “see premium content”.

Oh dear

You know where this is going, and it isn’t anywhere other than “the bottom of a ditch”.

I got:

Sign up on the what now
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Some sort of sign up to view content website!

All gone
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A copyright infringement warning!

Well hello there

About six thousand adverts for Russian dating / bride-to-be services!

What I absolutely did not get was any form of Resident Evil action. Depending on how you feel about such things, that might be such a bad outcome. You still have all of that stuff installed on your PC, though…

Christopher Boyd