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This is the first of a series of seminars we are hosting in our Sunbelt Auditorium in Second Life. This seminar is for end-users and home-office users that need to be trained on PC security and how black hats may be trying to steal their confidential data. There will be four seminars and the next two dates of the first seminar are:

– August 21st 6pm SL time
– August 25th 6am SL time

(SL time is equal to Pacific time, which is 3 hours behind Eastern).

Seminars will be given by AbsolutWoman Sunbelter, who in real life is an experienced Network Administrator for a U.S. State Government.

To attend any of these seminars, use the following link below to start up Second Life and teleport directly to the Sunbelt Auditorium.

On the bottom right of the screen click on “Map” to close the world map. Then walk up the stairs, go inside and click on an empty seat to sit down and learn!

Note: you must have Second Life already installed to access the link above. To download the latest version, visit their download page.

Deb Shinder