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Secure Computing LLC, (not to be confused with the publicly-traded web security company Secure Computing Corporation) was hit with a lawsuit in January that alleged that:

“…Secure Computer, its principals and associates advertised and distributed a product called Spyware Cleaner through spam, pop-up ads and deceptive hyperlinks,” McKenna explained. “However, not only did this product fail to detect and remove spyware on the consumer’s computer, it actually tampered with security settings to make the machine even more vulnerable.”

Secure, which made an alleged rogue antispyware application Spyware Cleaner, has filed an Answer which rigorously defends practices:

John W. Dozier, Jr., managing partner of Dozier Internet Law, P.C., legal counsel for Secure Computer, LLC, reports that, “Our extensive investigation revealed that many of the facts alleged by the Attorney General are wrong. The Answer filed on Tuesday goes through the factual and legal allegations in tremendous detail, and we believe the theories espoused by the State of Washington are patently wrong. In fact, we have provided extensive information that debunks many of the misunderstandings the Attorney General developed in the course of its joint investigation with Microsoft Corporation.”

Paul E. Burke, president of Secure Computer, LLC, feels the lawsuit is motivated by Microsoft’s interest in controlling the anti-spyware software market. Burke stated, “I was shocked when I found out about the lawsuits and was even more shocked to learn that the State of Washington and one of my competitors, Microsoft Corporation, could make these allegations without the facts or law to back them up. Now, as a result of these false allegations, the reputation of my company, and my company’s products, have been disparaged and destroyed.”

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I’m trying to get a hold of the Answer for all to see. 

This ought to be interesting.

Alex Eckelberry