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Many of you may know of this one, but it’s not widely known. did a massive prank at the SuperBowl. Whether it actually happened or not (I think it probably did), it’s worth checking out.

And this note by the author, John Margrave, which is dear to my hear and something I’ve written about before:

We live in a zero-risk society, convinced that more security, more police, more searches, and more technology will make us more safe. This is false. As we’ve proven, even four comics and a cameraman can outwit the most tightly-controlled event in history. Everyone did their job. No one did anything wrong. But no system is completely safe.

Life involves risk.

I want to leave you with this final thought. Life is some risky business. When we cling to the illusion of security, we give up our freedom and our privacy. When we willingly remove more clothing at airport security, when we allow our government to pass wiretapping legislation, when we give them power to spy on us, we are giving away our precious civil liberties that our founding fathers earned with blood.

Link here (via BoingBoing)

Alex Eckelberry