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save-me-please(dot)com is a site dedicated to saving a bunny.

We have no idea what this is odd thing is: A joke, a hoax. Or a scam.


There’s this cute picture of the little bunny wabbit:


And some extraordinarily nauseating videos, one of the cute rabbit (replete with a drippy French ballad), and one of skinning a rabbit (enough to make you a vegetarian).

We downloaded the cute wabbit video and uploaded it to YouTube (we’ll pass on showing you the rabbit skinning video).

Mixing cute videos and pictures with website graphics of cooked bunny rabbits and a butcher with a knife is distasteful enogh. But then you’re asked for money to save the rabbit:


Which, not surprisingly, goes through Daopay (900 number billing):


It’s certainly suspicious and a scam. Not only is this site is run by a group that also is associated with exploit sites, info stealers, charity scams, and phishing sites. But, well, just look at it.

I wonder if some people will actually fall for this. Unreal.

Alex Eckelberry
(Credit to Sunbelt researcher Patrick Jordan)