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Second Life: Perceived by some as the second coming, etc. (and Sunbelt has a big presence there). Others as a pile of hogwash. Whatever, but there’s a site called “insidesecondlife” with the different TLDs — .com, .net., .org. All are owned by a “P2P Inside”.

Registered under the notorious Esthost, an ISP that has a history of being friendly to malware vendors.

Well, the .com and .net are “splogs” — spam blogs which have a look like Digg.

Insidesecondlife dot com:


Insidesecondlife dot net:


But then here’s something of mild interset — the .org brings up a page for an antispyware application, ContraVirus:


Nothing unduly alarming here, more of a curiosity (Contravirus is on the rogue list, but is not in the class of WinFixer/SpySheriff/etc.).

Alex Eckelberry