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ServerVision, our server management tool, is being transitioned to Aldebaran Systems. We’ve worked closely with Graham Bradshaw, Aldebaran’s CEO, on the transition for our customers. 

All customers under existing ServerVision maintenance contracts will continue to receive product support and product updates through Aldebaran.  ServerVision users will be asked to perform a simple no-charge upgrade to Aldebaran ServerAssist, an enhanced version of ServerVision.  All of existing customized settings and policies will be automatically migrated to the new version.

Aldebaran will also offer customers of Sunbelt ServerVision the opportunity to purchase maintenance at a discounted price through March 31st, 2006.

The transition is effective February 1, 2006.  Sunbelt will honor any existing quoted purchases for ServerVision through February 28th.

The folks at Aldebaran are a good group, and I feel that this is ultimately the best move to insure that our customers continue to get ongoing support and upgrades for this product.  ServerVision is an outstanding product and one of my personal favorites and I’m glad to see it in good hands.

Aldebaran website here.  Press release here.

Alex Eckelberry