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DriveCleaner is known for its misleading marketing practices. And one example came to me today by an email from Robby, one of my three faithful blog readers:

I’ve attached two screenshots of Drive Cleaner popups happening within the Juno webmail client itself, including what appears to be a hijacked banner advertisement when I click on cancel. This has happened about three times now over the past few days and on different computers.



I don’t have Juno and can’t verify this. But what is likely happening is that Juno has contracted with a third party ad network to sell ads. DriveCleaner is displaying these ads, which are doing some fake animated “scan”.

It’s extraordinarily misleading advertising, and being served on Juno, is even worse, since Juno has a high degree of popularity among seniors, an audience that’s ripe for scams.

Let’s hope the folks at the FTC take notice.

Alex Eckelberry