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Another day, another scampage lurking on Facebook. Let’s kick things off with a look at shockingirlfriend(dot)com:

shock horror
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Do you really think some guy went “a little too far with his revenge”? No, me neither. They do seem awfully keen for you to click “Like” then “Share”, though.

Do it. Right now.

add this, please
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This is what the Facebook Walls belonging to your friends will look like should you hit “Publish”:

Spam galore
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Messages galore, courtesy of “g1rlfriendsh0ck”. Let’s take a look at that page, which is a Facebook application page (minus any application) located at apps(dot)facebook(dot)com/shawkgrlfriend:

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As you can see, all they’re doing is loading the content from shockinggirlfriend(dot)com into the app page. What do you think happens if you’ve Liked and Shared?

oh dear
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That’s right, a useless survey trying to get you to sign up for various offers you can probably do without. We’ve reported the App page to Facebook and hopefully it won’t be around for much longer.

According to the Facebook Stats there are 9,629 people who have Liked / Shared this page so far. I imagine the owner of said scam (who is hiding behind a Domains By Proxy registration) is making a tidy packet from this one.


Christopher Boyd