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One of our rogue researchers from the seventh-floor caves brought this to my attention today. It’s an advertisement for mobile device texting spyware sold by some Russian folks we’ve known for a long time. They’re also the folks who bring you rogue anti-malware sold through fake codecs.

Patrick was checking links on web sites that led to fake codecs and associated web sites that invariably peddle rogues. Clicking on links on one site multiple times directed him to different rogue sites AND this little gem.

We’re not revealing the name of the product or site for obvious reasons. However, here are the download instructions:

“All you have to do to start using our service is following three easy steps:
A) Get registered at our site
B) Download the program
C) Install it at the cell phone of your partner

“As soon as you are done with this, you will be able to view both the sent and the incoming SMS messages here at our site, inside your account area.
You will be able to read them ALL online !”

Yea “THAT’S IT” all right! And, of course, one wonders who else is reading the addresses and other information from your victim’s phone in “your account.”

The EULA is a priceless piece of Engrish and doublespeak:

[Spyware] Terms & Conditions

By getting registered at this Website you testify that you have read, understood and accepted the following User Agreement (further referred to as “Terms & Conditions”).

Having downloaded [spyware] software into your PC, you become the official user of a registered software product. Please, note that any usage of [spyware] that goes against the law of your country or against these Terms & Conditions may be classified as an action requiring legal punishment.

We strongly suggest you have read these Terms & Conditions before installing and using our software, follow them when using [spyware] and have made sure that the use of this kind of software is not considered unlawful in your country.

Sphere of use of [spyware] software:

1. [spyware] can be installed into the cell phone of your underage or incapable child or into the cell phone of any other incapable person that you have the wardship of (by an official decision of legal authorities in your country) in order to prevent him/her from the contacts that can cause harm to his/her health and/or property.
2. [spyware] can be installed into your cell phone in order to avoid its unauthorized use by third parties.
3. [spyware] can be installed into the cell phones owned by a legal entity belonging to you in order to avoid its unauthorized use by corporate users. In this case, the users of these phones must be warned about the fact that the use of these phones for private needs is unacceptable as well as about the presence of software utilized in order to control the use of corporate phone and internet traffic in written form.
4. As a user of [spyware] software you must take all necessary measures in order to avoid the use of the Site’s resources by third parties (protect your User ID and Password used to access [spyware] website).

According to these Terms & Conditions you are NOT ALLOWED:

1. To install your [spyware] software into the cell phones belonging to other people without getting their explicit agreement.
2. To get access to other people’s accounts at [spyware] website against the will of their owners by any means, including but not limited to: hacking or stealing Users IDs and Passwords.
3. To use other people’s User IDs and Passwords to access their accounts (except the cases when you have got an explicit agreement to do it from the owner of the account).

I suppose that attractive young lady in the art work in the ad is an “underage or incapable child” that somebody has “wardship” of “by an official decision” of the “legal authorities” of her country.

Thanks to Patrick for this find.

Tom Kelchner