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I thought it might be useful to give examples of some of the spam we’re seeing drop into mailboxes instead of the nearest supernova. Without further ado…

1) “Facebook Survey Gift Invite”.

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“You’ve been invited to participate in our short Facebook survey”, they say. Considerably shorter than they expected:

Let’s not and say we did.

2) An interesting attempt at sending users to a Paypal phish:

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“Unfortunately, your recent transaction was declined because your PayPal account is currently restricted. PayPal may restrict accounts for a variety of reasons to prevent fraud and verify the identity of users.”

Yes, they want to play on your fears of having a restricted PayPal account to send you to a phish page located at zurl(dot)biz/www(dot)paypal(dot)com. Avoid.

3) World of Warcraft phish mails. The site listed in the below example is currently offline, but it’s a pretty standard (and popular) template.

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“You’re trying to sell your account which is breaking the EULA, confirm you’re the original owner by visiting this link…”

As you’ve likely guessed, this is the last thing you should be doing.

That concludes our spam roundup. Stay safe…

Christopher Boyd