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Moviecodec, tvcodec and watchfree — all malicious fake codecs.

Obviously, do not install these on a system as they are a hotbed of malware. The promises are all false:  They do not improve video or audio, and installing them under the premise of “free video” or any other reason is a very bad idea. I am saying this only because I’m seeing lots of search engine hits on this blog from people trying to find out more about particular fake codecs, and I want to make sure people don’t install them!  






These have domain registration courtesy of estdomains, hosting by malware-friendly Intercage.

And finally, StrCodec, located at strcodec(d0t)be(dot)cx as well as clusif(dot)free(dot)fr.  

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks to Andrew Clover for passing these on to us, and Patrick Jordan for the screen shots.  Thanks to Andrew Stevenson for finding StrCodec.)