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iTunes Gift cards can be pretty expensive, and of course this means there are people who will quite happily go to great lengths to take them from you. While looking around a fake Facebook Hack website, I noticed something else lurking on the same user account. The URL in question here is applehack(dot)webs(dot)com/ituneshack, and this is what it looks like:

iTunes Phish

“iTunes Hack”? Oh dear. Anyone likely to fall for this is probably going to be drawn to the “iTunes code value increaser”, so let’s take a look.

itunes phish

Imagine: the victim has just purchased a £50 iTunes card, thinks they can double the value with the aid of some leet hax and enters their card code into the box. Pick one of the following options:

A) The victim hits “Submit”, and their code is processed in an advanced piece of technology that spits out a double value card and everyone is a winner.

B) The victim hits “Submit”, and their unused code is sent to the phisher who happily gives themselves all the time in the world to redeem said code by inventing a fictitious amount of time needed for the leet haxing to take place. They may pop up a fake (and utterly useless) code, too.

fake code

playing for time

“Wait 12 hours before redeeming the card”? Yeah, you just got scammed.

If you’re wondering what happens should the victim hit “Download program”, they’re taken to the endless advert loop of doom from the fake Facebook Hack website. All in all, a rather horrible thing to fall for – so don’t!

Christopher Boyd