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Our Dear Friend Leo Stoller, the trademark troll going after security site CastleCops for the use of the word “castle”, has been pwned by none other than the US Government: 

On July 14th:

the TTAB has sanctioned Leo Stoller for his “misuse of the TTAB’s procedures” by filing more than 1,800 requests for extension of time to oppose since November 2005. The Board, in its 15-page letter addressed to Stoller, found that the filings were made “for improper purposes, namely, to harass the applicants to pay you to avoid litigation or to license one of the marks in which you assert a baseless claim of rights.”

Link here.

It gets funny though.  Stoller is going down fighting. :

This is not the first time that the US Government has falsely accused a citizen and it will not be the last. Fortunately the US Constitution provides equal protection under the law and is the citizen’s best shield for such unconstitutional attack on a citizen rights.

Hey Stoller, just what part of the constitution protects trolls, eh?   

Alex Eckelberry