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According to a recent survey by SurfControl, computer misuse by men causes a surge in spyware on office PCs. Read an article here and here.

The survey of 300 men and women showed that male workers consistently made more regular use of the online facilities and PC technologies that often act as the source of malicious threats.

SurfControl asked office workers how frequently they made use of programs most likely to be a threat.

While men are more than twice as likely to use USB ports and to run CD-Rom and DVD media daily, they are three times more likely to download free software everyday in the office.

Programs which could install spyware on office computers include:

–Personal instant messaging and web-based e-mail
–Downloading and swapping free video and music files
–Playing online games, recreational surfing
–Downloading free software
–Using removable media such as DVD, CD-Rom and USB flash drives