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I think we all know the answer to the question of whether or not I’ll be watching a movie involving a giant robot Samurai waving a chaingun around this weekend, but it’s worth noting that – as with anything movie related – the “fill in the survey / download a program to watch the content” sites are out in force. Step up to the plate, eleventy billion promos for Sucker Punch:

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Example site:

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As usual, you’re being asked to install something or (elsewhere) fill in a survey:

The Leechtv(dot)com site interested me because unlike the majority that throw up a fake Youtube player screenshot, this one teases the viewer by playing the first ten or so seconds in a real clip player before “freezing” the clip then launching the popup. I guess that could potentially lure someone into jumping through the required hoops to view the content (if the rest of the content is even there in the first place, that is).

As you might expect, there’s also the usual collection of links that generate money for the link creator but send the user to cookie-cutter spamblogs, and “movie sites” that actually just want to sign up to recurring credit card charges for monthly membership.

Don’t waste your time with any of them.

Christopher Boyd