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CS_lscape_4col_tag_smallThese are good folks and I’m happy we’re working together. They are using our Linux-based CounterSpy SDK (soon evolving to a Linux-based VIPRE SDK).

Clearswift today announced a new partnership with Sunbelt Software to further enhance its powerful MIMEsweeper Web Appliance, the most sophisticated web browsing security engine on the market today. Sunbelt Software’s award-winning CounterSpy technology has been integrated within the MIMEsweeper Web Appliance to provide superior anti-spyware security and detection.

As one of the layered security defences within the MIMEsweeper Web Appliance, CounterSpy’s highly-tuned gateway anti-spyware solution is specifically designed to stop all known and suspected spyware before it penetrates a network and infects users’ machines. CounterSpy works in concert with Clearswift’s URL filter, anti-virus/malware and Web 2.0 content filtering engine to ensure maximum protection.

Link here.

Alex Eckelberry
(And yes, blogging has been light as I’ve been busier than a one-legged Riverdancer. I hope to catch my breath soon and get back to writing again.)