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A number of people have been interested in using our technologies in their products.  Well, we actually have a dedicated effort here to provide often customized security solutions to other companies. 

The offerings range from Software Development Kits (SDKs), which allow OEMs to incorporate our technology into their products, to custom development of security solutions.  

Currently, we offer the following pre-packaged SDKs:

CounterSpy Client SDK: This allows OEMs to incorporate client-side antispyware scanning, remediation and active protection into their products.  The SDK is built on our new 2.0 platform, which is light years ahead of our current version (the 2.0 platform will be part of our client and enterprise antispyware products next quarter).

CounterSpy BorderPatrol SDK: BorderPatrol is a multi-platform, cross-compiled SDK specifically designed for appliance and proxy vendors.  Basically, it stops spyware at the perimeter of the network. You’ll see more and more boxes coming out with this technology.

Kerio Firewall SDK: This exposes quite a bit of the functionality of the Kerio Firewall to people who want to integrate firewall security into their products.  This is a rich endpoint security solution —more than just a firewall — it has a bunch of features, including intrusion prevention.  This SDK will be available over the coming months.

If you’re interested in these technologies, contact Carol Montgomery-Adams.

Alex Eckelberry