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Can’t print to files programmatically in XP
If you try to print to a file programmatically in Windows XP and the print job fails, or the job appears in the print queue but nothing prints, and then you cannot delete the job, or if program errors occur, you might need the hot fix referenced in KB article 905519. To find out how to get it, see this page.

Can’t configure maximum concurrent SMB requests in XP
By default, concurrent SMB commands in Windows XP are limited to 10, the same as the limit on concurrent network connections. This can cause a problem in certain circumstances where you have long-term SMB requests that remain open until answered. It can result in error messages and other requests going unanswered. If you have this problem, there is a hotfix that will let you increase the maximum number of concurrent SMB commands up to 255 in XP with SP2. To find out more, see KB article 926646.

SD card rollup package for Vista
Microsoft has released a rollup for Windows Vista that will address issues with Secure Digital (SD) cards, including support for SD cards with capacities of 8 GB or larger and support for SD Input/Output (SDIO) cards such as network adapters and other devices that use the SDIO slot. For more information on how to get the rollup, see KB article 933847.

Deb Shinder