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Can’t install XP after creating partitions with Vista
If you use Windows Vista or the Windows Preinstallation Environment (PE) 2.0 to partition your hard disk, you might find that you aren’t able to successfully install Windows XP. Even though the text mode part of Setup completes, the computer won’t reboot to go into the graphical part of Setup. What’s up with that? It happens only on certain computers that have a particular type of BIOS, but luckily there are a couple of workarounds for the problem. For instructions on how to use them, see KB article 931760.

Can’t switch between displays on XP laptop
You can normally switch from the internal display on your laptop computer to an external monitor by pressing a key combination. However, you might find that sometimes when you attempt to switch soon after you’ve connected the external display, it doesn’t work. That’s because of a bug in the video port driver, but there’s a hot fix to resolve the problem. It should only be applied to systems that are having this particular problem, and you have to call Microsoft Customer Support Services to get it. For more info, see KB article 937930.

You get an error message when you try to validate XP
You have a legal copy of Windows XP and you need to validate it (for instance, in order to get updates) but when you try to do so, you get an error message that says “0x80080201 Cannot detect product ID (PID).” The problem is that Windows Genuine Advantage isn’t able to access the PID for some reason. The fix depends on the cause of the problem, and there are several possible causes. They’re all addressed, along with their resolutions, in KB article 938720.

Deb Shinder