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How to edit the Boot.ini file in XP
You can manually edit the boot.ini file which contains information controlling the XP boot menu. This is especially helpful if you have a dual or multi-boot configuration or if you have old operating system versions that you no longer use and want to remove from the boot menu. For instructions on how to do it, see KB article 289022.

IE stops working when you click a web site link on XP SP2 or Vista
If you’ve installed certain security updates on your computer running XP with Service Pack 2, Vista or Server 2003, you may find that subsequently you get a hang up (non-response) when you click links on a web site. Even worse, you might hear a continuous clicking sound. What’s up with that? Well, you can fix it by installing the latest cumulative security update for IE, or with a hot fix that’s available to correct the problem. To learn more, see KB article 928387.

Vista stops responding when you transfer a file
If you try to transfer a file between your Vista machine and a file server that’s running an older version of Windows, Vista might hang up. It happens because the SMB 1.0 protocol is being used and the network connection is temporarily lost. There’s a hotfix available to address this problem. Read about how to get it in KB article 935427.

Deb Shinder