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How to configure paging file for optimization and recovery in XP
The paging file is used to create virtual memory on your computer, to fool applications into thinking they have more RAM than is actually installed. You can tweak the paging file for better performance, but there are some considerations, such as the ability to troubleshoot certain types of errors. KB article 314482 tells you the best methods for balancing these two factors.

Update web sites don’t scan for updates
If you have done a repair operation on XP SP1 or SP2 using the original XP installation CD, you might find that when you visit the Windows/Microsoft Update web sites, they no longer scan for updates. You might also see an error message in the WindowsUpdate.log file that says Windows Update ActiveX is not the right version. This happens because the repair replaced version 6 of the ActiveX control, which was installed by the service pack, with an old version. You need to download and reinstall Windows Update ActiveX control version 6. To find out how, see KB article 916259.

Battery drains quickly on XP SP2 laptop
If your portable computer running Windows XP Service Pack 2 is unable to go into a sleep state, which can happen because the USB controller won’t turn off, the battery may drain very quickly, resulting in a shutdown of the operating system. Ouch! But there is an update available from the Microsoft Download Center that you can install to fix this problem. To find out more and for a link to the update, see KB article 918005.

Deb Shinder