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A VPN can be a wonderful thing, if you have one. If not, there are a wide range of free / paid services out there – the problem is knowing which ones are legit and which ones, er, aren’t so legit. Another issue is that free / paid VPN services can vanish quite quickly – on any given list, you tend to find entries scored out or mentioned services flatlining without warning.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a free service.

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The free trial plans sound good, fast server speed is always a bonus and MIA serverlogs / ISP logs ensure you’ll be flying under the radar with a total lack of personal information straying into parts unkno-

wait, what?
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…surveys? Offers? Downloads? Entering emails, zipcodes and more besides to access a “secret page”?

Survey time
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Oh dear.

Signing up to Macbook competitions, gucci boot giveaways and sparkly Twilight graphics seems a little at odds with what’s on offer here, much like this example from a little while ago.

Is there anywhere a CPAlead popup doesn’t appear these days?

Christopher Boyd