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More breaking news from Brian Krebs at the Washington Post. This is getting really interesting…

Update, Sunday, Sept. 7, 8:02 p.m.: I spoke today with Randy Epstein, president of WVFiber and co-founder of, which acquired WVFiber just six weeks ago. Epstein said after reading reports from Security Fix,, and others about cyber crime activities at Atrivo, WVFiber has decided to drop Atrivo as a customer. WVFiber plans to stop providing upstream connectivity to Atrivo by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest, Epstein said. That would leave Atrivo with just a single upstream provider — Bandcon.

Update, Sunday, Sept. 7, 9:15 p.m.: nLayer Communications, a company that owns a significant slice of the Internet addresses used by Atrivo/Intercage, is demanding that Atrivo vacate the space and return the addresses by Sept 30.

“Atrivo/Intercage has not been a direct customer of nLayer Communications since December 2007, but they still have some legacy reallocations from our IP space,” wrote nLayer co-founder Richard A. Steenbergen, in an e-mail to Security Fix. “Since they are no longer a customer, we require that they return our non-portable IP space, and have given them a deadline of September 30th to do so. If the IP space is not returned by that point, we will follow standard procedure to reclaim it, including null routing the space, and sending cease and desist letters to any network who still transits it without our permission.”

According to Steenbergen, Atrivo/Intercage must return roughly 7,400 IP addresses.

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Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks, Ferg)