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From Brian Krebs today:

The portions of Atrivo most heavily used by RBN were Hostfresh — which provides routing for Atrivo through Hong Kong and China — and UkrTeleGroup (also known as Inhoster) out of Ukraine. These two networks remain core components of Atrivo’s operation, and recent data suggests the company’s reputation for supporting online criminals hasn’t diminished since the disappearance of the RBN last year. As of last December, Atrivo boasted the largest concentration of malicious activity of any hosting company, according to a report released by security intelligence firm iDefense.

“While Intercage has legitimate clients and professes intolerance for abuse, it continues to turn a blind eye to massive amounts of cyber crime,” iDefense analysts wrote. “Intercage Inc. previously operated as Atrivo Inc.; it was already infamous for abuse then and has not improved its reputation since changing names.”

Emil Kacperski, Atrivo’s founder, said he has been trying to clean up the company’s image.

“I work very hard to make sure that everything is kept at bay,” Kacperski said in an e-mail to Security Fix. “Unfortunately as you can understand being a dedicated server provider there isn’t a way for us to control the content on the servers. We can only respond to abuse reports and then proceed to shut down a server or take other action.”

Yeah. Right.

Alex Eckelberry