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File-sharing organization Pirate Bay has been controversial for a long time, like maybe the length of its entire existence. It’s been in the news recently because a number of governments are trying to shut it down. That’s a situation ripe for social engineering.

Our analyst Matthew Mesa found this scheme this morning: a number of typo-squatting sites carrying the following. (Note: the REAL Pirate Bay site is What would lead a victim to this? The phony site (below) comes up as the third result on a Google search for “piratebay” or fourth for “pirate bay.”

(click to enlarge)

The phony sites we found were:

OK, we thought we see click the download button (kids, don’t try this at home) and see if the software really is “. . . safe and keeps me protected.”


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Short answer: “no.”

It tries to download a file called “eMuleSetup.exe” from a site registered to Hotbar, Inc. VIPRE detects it as “Pinball Corporation. (v)”

The real Pirate Bay site is NOT posting any warnings.


Thanks Matthew and Adam.

Tom Kelchner