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This is wonderfully cheeky – a website popping up in a lot of Twitter spam called increasethefollowers(dot)info, that wants you to hand over lots of money with no real explanation as to how they’re going to make it worth your while. Example spam post:

click here for lots of followers

This is the site itself:

so many to choose from
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Prices start at $5 for 100 followers, right up to a huge total of 10,000 followers if you pay the highest price.

The more people you want them to add to your feed, the more time it takes. Anything up to 3,000 followers ($150) will take a maximum of 60 days. Beyond that, 4,000 followers ($200) is 40 to 80 days, 5,000 ($250) is “60+ days” and 10,000 Twitter followers (for $450) will take “90+ days approx”.

Their website says this:

“Refund guarantee: You can request a full refund on your Paypal account in 60 days”.

60 days is the maximum length of time the seller has to send the buyer their refund via the Refund tab inside Paypal. After that, it’s no longer available as an option for the seller and I believe they have to process the refund as a kind of “standalone” payment. Given that the only information on the site is a link to a form that says “Click here to find out more”, would you want to risk giving $450 to a total stranger (with no indication of how they’re going to work their magic), sweating it out for 90 days or more just to bump up your follower count with….real people? Bots? No idea.

Don’t think I’d advise giving this one a try, though.

Christopher Boyd