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It seems scammers have a bit of thing for spoofing BBC websites at the moment. Yesterday it was work from home scams, and last month it was a Facebook wheeze which (in a nutshell) went like this: Lady Gaga is dead and here’s a BBC video to prove it, also click here.”

Maybe the (unrelated) work from home fakeout has inspired scammers into a fresh round of BBC shenanigans, because the phony BBC video rides again on Facebook. As usual, it’s surveytacular and is geared around fake Facebook messages promoting the completely fake BBC page:

If you believe the hype – and you shouldn’t – a girl has “killed herself” due to her dad posting silly things on her wall. Also note that it’s been posted via “My Best Stalkers”, which sounds exactly like the kind of Facebook app end-users should be avoiding. Sure enough, clicking the link gives you this survey prompt:
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The site in question is sqvw(dot)myfannso(dot)in/e/, and is still currently live at time of writing. This is one news report you can afford to miss.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Matthew for finding this one).