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Oh precious irony.

Our Dear Friend Leo Stoller, the trademark troll going after security site CastleCops for the use of the word “castle” is now being threatened by Hulk Hogan over Stoller’s claim to the word “hulk”.   Hogan (who incidentally lives a few miles from Sunbelt Software), tells Stoller:

“…should you go forward with the oppositions, we will short-cut the procedure and sue you in federal court, where we are sure to be awarded our attorneys’ fees in addition to any other remedy the court deems fit to award us. We also will be advising our friends at Marvel Entertainment who own the HULK mark and with whom we have a relationship…” 

Maybe Stoller will get his bevy of beauties to form a sort of kung-fu Charlie’s Angels squad to go after Hogan? 

Alex Eckelberry