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It all started with a blog post, with the next several months being a period of intense work and coordination. The culmination was the original conviction being overturned. In the end, Julie ended her four–year battle last week with the State of Connecticut in an empty courtroom, pleading to a lesser charge.

At some point, I may find the time to chronicle all the events. There are all kinds of stories from the time. I met some wonderful people — some of the most decent, just and hard-working folks I’ve ever met. It was an extraordinary experience, shadowed only by Julie’s terrible predicament.

But for now, I have something to post: the analysis that our group of security and forensic experts performed of the evidence available (this analysis was then provided to the defense team to aid them in their efforts). This was all done by these experts on a volunteer basis. To that group, I am truly thankful for your help: Glenn Dardick, Joel A. Folkerts, Alex Shipp, Eric Sites, Joe Stewart and Robin Stuart.

The document has been kept to only a small group of people until today. I am now making it available here (pdf). (Note that this document is primarily a review of the trial testimony against the evidence available — notably, a Ghost copy of the hard drive. As mentioned in the document, our group did not have access to all the evidence available, most importantly the firewall logs.)

To some, it may be an interesting read.

Alex Eckelbery