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So some poor guy sued by Warner, Sony BMG, UMG, BMG, Capital Records and Atlantic dies.

The plaintiffs have graciously allowed the family 60 days to grieve.  And then they’re back in business.

1. Plaintiffs have recently learned that Defendant, Larry Scantlebury, passed away on June 20, 2006. Please see the attached Death Certificate.

2. Prior to Mr. Scantlebury’s passing, Plaintiffs believed that there was potential to resolve the case. While at the time of Mr. Scantlebury’s death, he had not responded to Plaintiffs’ discovery (he had asked for and received extensions), he had indicated that others, in addition to Mr. Scantlebury, were involved in the infringement of Plaintiffs’ copyrights.

3. Plaintiffs do not believe it appropriate to discuss a resolution of the case with the family so close to Mr. Scantlebury’s passing. Plaintiffs therefore request a stay of 60 days to allow the family additional time to grieve.

4. In the event the parties do not reach a resolution with Mr. Scantlebury’s estate or the other family members involved, Plaintiffs anticipate amending the complaint following depositions of members of Mr. Scantlebury’s family.

Link here (more legal docs here) via John Paczkowski

As I’ve said before, I respect artists.  I have no respect for bullies.

Alex Eckelberry

Update:  They’ve withdrawn the suit out of an “abundance of sensitivity”.  (Thanks Mercen4ry.)